Village Clerk

Dorothy R. Jones
Village Clerk

Jacelia Kelly
Deputy Clerk

44 Towncenter Dr
University Park, IL  60484

Ph:(708) 235-4832
Ph: (708) 235-4816
Fx: (708) 534-3430

M-F 9:00am- 5:00pm
SAT: Closed
SUN- Closed 

The Village Clerk is elected by the residents of the Village to a four-year term. Duties of the clerk include:
  • Attending all official meetings of the Mayor and Board of Trustees and preparing the official minutes subject to the direction and approval of the Board
  • Providing the Village Seal and attesting for all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and bonds of the Village as well as licenses, permits, and other documents as required
  • Acting as the keeper of the Village Seal and affixing it on documents whenever required
  • Giving proper notice of meetings as required by statute, ordinance, or direction of the Village Board
  • Acting as the keeper of all documents belonging to the Village which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer
  • Performing other duties as required by state law and duties delegated by the Mayor and Board of Trustees
  • Village Clerk serves as FOIA officer
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