Rehabilitation  and Reactivation of Riegel Farm Stage 2 

Veterans Memorial Garden Installation Addendum 2(Closed)

Rehabilitation and Reactivation of Riegel Farm Stage 2 Addendum 2 (Closed)


Rehabilitation and Reactivation of Riegel Farm Stage 2 (Extended January 15, 2023)

Memorial Veterans Garden Installation (Extended January 15, 2023)

Veterans Landscape Refresh

Veterans Memorial Garden Installation

Rehabilitation and Reactivation of Riegel Farm Stage 2

University Park Resurfacing (Closed)

Town Center Sidewalk (Closed)

Residential Demolition Project (Closed)

Rehabilitation and Reactivation of Riegel Farm Stage 2 (Closed)

Request for Proposal Village of University Park Golf Club Deck July 7, 2023

Request for Proposal Memorial Garden July 7, 2023

Request of Proposal Riegel Farm Design & Construction Services(Closed)

Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Service University Parkway Side Path Project Phase I Engineering (Closed)

Request for Proposal Pine Lake Park Fishing Dock Replacement(Closed)

Request for Proposal Fire Station #2 Driveway Replacement (5-30-23)

Request for Proposal Veteran's Memorial Garden Installation (5-30-23)


Abbott Lane and Amherst Lane Resurfacing Project (Closed)


VOUP Tree Removal RFP (Closed)


Request for Qualifications for Professional Engineering Services- University Park Metra Station Reconstruction Project Phase I Engineering (Closed)

University Park 50/50 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program (Closed)

Sidewalk Construction Services (On-Call) (Closed)

Sec 20-00029 FL Proposal University Park Parkway Resurfacing & Stripping( Closed)

Sec 20-00029 FL Proposal University Park Parkway Resurfacing & Stripping Addendum (Closed)

2020 Road Resurfacing Proposal Stunkel Road & Governors Hwy (Closed)

Farmview Resurfacing RFP (Closed)

Farmview Resurfacing Appendix A Bid Plans(Closed)

Farmview Resurfacing Appendix B Project Bid Sheet(Closed)

New Farmview Resurfacing Addendum 1(Closed)

Common use items, equipment, construction, and routine service requirements are normally acquired through a Competitive Sealed Bid. In these instances, vendors must submit bids compliant with bid terms, conditions, and specifications. Bids are opened publicly at a bid opening ceremony normally held at the Village Hall.

Construction bids normally must be picked up at the Village Hall, and potential bidders must include a business card and any deposit which may be required for bids and plans. When picking up construction bids funded by State of Illinois Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) revenues (normally street and road projects), the bidder must also include an Illinois Department of Transportation Pre-Qualification Form for the areas required by the solicitation.

Competitive Sealed Proposals, or Requests for Proposals (RFPs), are used whenever the Village is looking to compare vendor approaches and qualifications to determine the best method for meeting a specific Village need. Architectural, engineering, and other types of professional services as well as highly complicated technical needs are often acquired through the use of the RFP process.

RFP responses are compared to the requirements of the Village as well as other proposals, and negotiation may be permitted. Because the final terms and prices of response are subject to negotiation, Requests for Proposals are open in private.

Bid and Proposal Results
Contracts over $10,000 require the Board's approval. Bids and proposals are awarded by the Village of University Park Board of Trustees at their regular meetings. Board of Trustees meetings are open to the Public.

Bids and proposals are available for public inspection at the Clerk's office pending a Freedom of Information Act. Bid results will normally be available online.