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License Forms10 documents

  • Animal Registration License

Business License Forms5 documents

  • Day Care License Application
  • Food Dealer/Food Dispenser Application
  • Home Occupation Application
  • Vending Machine License Application
  • Business License

Contractor Licensing Application1 document


Applications2 documents

  • Point of Sale Application
  • Committee & Committee Application

Forms1 document

  • Citizens Complaint Form

Rental Agreements4 documents

  • Palmer Park Rental Agreement
  • Craig Park Rental Agreement
  • Pine Lake Rental Agreement
  • 90 Towncenter Rental Agreement

Village Permits2 documents

  • Sign Permit
  • Application for Building Permit

Bids & RFP1 document

  • Illinois Department of Transportation Pre-Qualification Form

Freedom of Information Act1 document

  • FOIA Request

Citizen Request Form1 document

  • Citizens Request Form

ICC Filing an Informal Complaint2 documents

  • ICC Filing an Informal Complaint
  • Attorney General Water Complaint

Fire Department Forms2 documents

  • Fire Department Request for Records
  • Patient Request for Access Form

Police Department Forms1 document

  • Homeowners Association Registration Form

Code Enforcement2 documents

  • Vacant Property Registration Form
  • Rental Unit Application Form

Employment Application1 document

  • Employment Application