Electric Vehicle Readiness

Following the passage of a December 2022 resolution, the Village of University Park has committed to becoming an Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Community. As such, the Village is committed to the promotion of electric vehicle use in an effort to reduce our collective carbon footprint and encourage more sustainable means of travel, while providing and supporting the installation of the necessary infrastructure. Though this transition will take time, the Village is committed to incremental progress in partnership with residents, businesses, and other area stakeholders. The following webpage was created in an effort to better communicate our progress and provide resources and information to residents interested in joining us on this journey.

The Village of University Park was one of 16 communities and one of only two located in the Southland that has committed to becoming an Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Community. This program was designed to provide free technical assistance and training in a variety of critical areas with the intention of maximizing a community’s potential for electric vehicle use both at the municipal level, residential level, and business level. 

Throughout this process, the Village will participate in bi-weekly meetings with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus in an effort to make regular progress in achieving higher levels of EV Readiness. In order to support the expansion of EVs and EV infrastructure, the Village encourages the registration of charging stations to websites such as the Alternatives Fuel Data Center or PlugShare to connect drivers to charging stations.  The Village classifies Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure as a public benefit due to the environmental, equity, and economic impacts such improvements will have on our community.